NS consists to personalize and transform a vehicle to differentiate it from a standard car. At the beginning, this concept was only one simple improvement of the performances engine, but since now nearly 20 years, it goes also and especially on the esthetics and the addition of equipment such as : bodykits, front and rear bumpers, wings, side skirts, alloys or chrome wheels, with a large size than those of origin, sporting brakes, ends and exhaust stainless, the instrumentation (meters, pressure gauges…), multi-media systems (GPS, DVD).

But NS, it is also change of painting, installation of speakers and subwoofer with large diameters, integration of new tailights lexus style – neons under car and other lightings color bulbs as well as the preparation for the engine (filter, electronic, turbo, wasgate…). We’re also provide customized of Body Kit or genuine kit. Our webshop purpose to you the last innovations for your car equipment and a largest various accessories with ours best prices !

TM : Alba, APEX, Auto Gauge, BBS, BRIDE, Bilstein, Brembo, Carmate Specials, Eibach, Emotion Wheel, GAB, Greddy , HELLO KITTY, HKS, KW Suspensions, LCD, LSD Doors, Momo, OZ Wheels, PIAA, Pivot, Rays , RECARO ,Sparco, Seiwa, Type –R ,Volk Racing, Work , Zealous…